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The portable solar power experimental box is a solar photovoltaic power system which can provide practical teaching, testing, demonstration platform for the solar cell, controller and the sine wave inverter working principles. The working process is that the solar cell modules convert solar energy into low-voltage DC power firstly, then charging 12V battery through the controller, at the same time it will charge the inverter at the backside, inverter converts 12V DC into 220V AC, supply power to all kind of loads.

รายละเอียดทั่วไป (Feature)

  • Input Power: 220V ± 10% 50Hz
  • Equipment Size: 470 × 560 × 260mm
  • Working environment: Temperature -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
  • Relative humidity <85% (25 ℃ )
  • Accumulator capacity: 12V/7AH
  • Solar cell module: Power: 10W Voltage: 18.0V Current: 0.56A
    Open-circuit voltage: 22.30 Short-circuit current: 0.60A
  • Solar controller: Rated Output Voltage, Current: 12V/2A; Battery overcharge protection: 14.40±0.2V, recover: 13.8±0.2V  Battery discharge protection: 10.80±0.2V, recover: 12.5±0.2V Two output modes: Common on/off mode, Electric on/off mode.
  • Inverter
    Rated input voltage: 10~15V Rated output voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz;DC5V Output wave: Sine wave
    Rated output power: 150W Low voltage shut down: 9V~10V Overpressure shutoff: 14.5~15.5
    Temperature protection: ≥65℃ Transfer efficiency: >90%
    Protection function: overload, overvoltage, short circuit, low tension, high temperature, reverse

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