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The DHO800 series is RIGOL’s new launched high-performance economical digital oscilloscope.Though compact in design, it has superior performance. It features a capture rate up to 1,000,000 wfms/s (in UltraAcquire Mode), 25 Mpts memory depth, 12 bits resolution, and low noise.

รายละเอียดทั่วไป (Feature)

  • Ultra-low noise floor, purer signal, never miss the small signals
  • Up to 12 bits resolution for all the models of this series
  •  Max. analog bandwidth of 100 MHz, 4 analog channels, external trigger output (std.) available for the dual-channel model
  • Max. real-time sample rate of 1.25 GSa/s
  • Max. memory depth of 25 Mpts 
  • Vertical sensitivity range: 500 μV/div to 10 V/div
  • Max. capture rate of 1,000,000 wfms/s (in UltraAcquire mode)
  • Digital phosphor display with real-time 256-level intensity grading 
  • Waveform search and navigation function 
  • 7″ (1024×600) capacitive multi-touch screen
  • Brand new Flex Knob brings user-friendly experience
  • USB Device & Host, LAN, and HDMI 
  • Unique online upgrade 

Support Type-C Power

Designed with a Type-C power interface, the DHO800 can be powered by just a portable power source, enabling on-site testing.

High-resolution 12-bit

12-bit vertical resolution with 4096 levels of quantization, 16 times the quantization levels of 8-bit, adept at handling small signal testing.

Sleek Design

The DHO800 series features a compact form factor and also supports standard monitor stand usage, effectively reducing desktop footprint and providing you with more ample workspace.

รายละเอียดทางเทคนิค (Overview Technical Specifications)

สิ่งที่มากับสินค้า (What's in the Box)

  • DHO800 Series : Digital Oscilloscope x 1 เครื่อง
  • สาย Passive Probe PVP3150
    DHO814/DHO804: Passive Probe x4 (150 MHz) x 4 เส้น
    DHO812/DHO802: Passive Probe x2 (150 MHz) x 2 เส้น
  • USB Cable x 1 เส้น
  • Power Adapter x 1 ชุด
  • สายต่อ Ground x 1 เส้น

ตัวเลือกและอุปกรณ์เสริม (Option)


16-channel logic analyzer probe

RP1025D High voltage Differential Probe

BW: 25 MHz Max. voltage ≤ 1400 Vpp Compatibility: All models of RIGOL's digital oscilloscopes