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The latest DP900 series, in addition to the advantages of low ripple and high accuracy, also adds a variety of new functions such as one-key series-parallel, full-channel isolation, etc. to meet the new needs of various application fields, and a new model for education is added to users. Provide maximum security, three-way classic, totally new start.

รายละเอียดทั่วไป (Feature)

  • Three models available in the series:
    – DP932A (Standard): 32 V/3 A || 32 V/3 A || 6 V/3 A
    – DP932U (University-with safety sockets): 32 V/3 A || 32 V/3 A || 6 V/3 A
    – DP932E (E-commerce): 30 V/3 A || 30 V/3 A || 6 V/3 A
  •  3 electrically isolated independent channels with a maximum total power of up to 210 W
  • 4.3-inch LCD color touch screen
  • Front-panel safety sockets available on some models
  • Internal series/parallel connections for CH1 and CH2
  • Excellent programming/readback accuracy
  • Transient response time <50 μs
  • Low output ripple and noise <350 μVrms/2 mVpp
  • Command processing time <10 ms
  • Three rack-units (3U), 1/2-rack form factor
  • PC control
  •  Timing output, data logging and analysis
  • A maximum of 512 arbitrary points with dwell time down to 100 ms; various built-in basic waveforms
  • Over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection
  • Various interfaces available: USB, LAN, and Digital I/O

A Variety of Functions, A Wide Range of Applications

DP900 series programmable linear DC power supply also provides various functions such as general analysis, pulse current analysis, monitor, trigger, etc., and is compatible with the standard SCPI command set, which can give you higher-level analysis and control capabilities, not only simple power delivery.

Precise Arbitrary Wave Function: 100ms

The Arb minimum dwell time of DP900 is increased to 100ms, and a variety of basic waveforms are built in, which supports free editing and generation of waveforms, and simulates different application scenarios for testing.

Low Ripple Noise: <350μVrms / 2mVpp

One of the advantages of linear DC power supply is the pure output. In the 20Hz-20MHz bandwidth, the DP900 ripple and noise index is less than 350μVrms or 2 mVpp, ultra-low noise design, purer output, and minimizes any interference to the load. Provides a high-purity signal.

รายละเอียดทางเทคนิค (Specification)


สิ่งที่มากับสินค้า (What's in the Box)

  • DP900 Series
    Programmable linear DC power supply x 1 เครื่อง
  • USB Cable x 1 เส้น
  • AC Power Cord x 1 เส้น
  • 10A-Testing-Cable x 3 คู่

ตัวเลือกและอุปกรณ์เสริม (Option)


Arbitrary function with the minimum dwell time of 100 ms (available on DP932U only)


1mA & 1mV high-resolution setting (available on DP932U and DP932E)


4-pin trigger in/out function (available on DP932U only)


DP900 Rack Mount Kit (for a single instrument)


DP900 Rack Mount Kit (for two instruments side-by-side)